45 best free font families

04.10.2013 by Ilia Raiskin
Best-of Typography Design

This "best-of" is a list of the best free font-families. So, only fonts whose font styles are all completely free are in this post.

  • Open Sans

    Open Sans font
  • Source Sans Pro

    Source Sans Pro font
  • Raleway

    Raleway font
  • Ubuntu

    Ubuntu font font
  • Aller

    Aller font
  • Lobster

    Lobster Font
  • Lobster Two

    Lobster Two Font
  • PT Sans

    PT Sans font
  • Chunkfive

    Chunkfive font
  • Lato

    Lato font font
  • Droid Sans

    Droid Sans font
  • Cabin

    Cabin font
  • Judson

    Judson font
  • Roboto

    Roboto font
  • Oxygen

  • Titillium Text

  • Montserrat

    Montserrat font
  • Walkway

    Walkway font
  • Sansation

    Sansation font
  • ABeeZee

    ABeeZee font
  • Nunito

    Nunito font
  • Droid Serif

    Droid Serif font
  • Days

    Days font
  • Cabin Sketch

    Cabin Sketch font
  • Vollkorn

    Vollkorn font
  • New Cicle

    New Cicle font
  • Henry Morgan Hand

    Henry Morgan Hand font
  • Candela

    Candela font
  • Londrina

    Londrina font
  • Signika

    Signika font
  • Liberation Sans

    Liberation Sans font
  • Junction

    Junction font
  • Asap

    Asap font
  • Maven Pro

    Maven Pro font
  • Linux Libertine

    Linux Libertine font
  • Muli

    Muli font
  • Serif Beta

    Serif Beta font
  • Speakeasy

    Speakeasy font
  • M+ 1c

    M+ 1c font
  • Arch Rival

    Arch Rival font
  • Latin Modern Sans

    Latin Modern Sans font
  • TeX Gyre Schola

    Tex Gyre Schola font
  • TeX Gyre Heros

    Tex Gyre Heros font
  • Planet Estyle

    planet estyle font
  • Chivo

    Chivo font

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