Five tips to improve your website design

08.22.2013 by Leon Tomlinson
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Having the perfect design can mean the difference between visitors staying or leaving your website. A professional website is key for any business as it represents them on the whole. Here are 5 tips to getting your website that more professional look.

1) Don't use complex animations

Resist the temptation to use those annoying gifs or 3D animations. They can slow down your website considerably and even distract your visitors from what they came to your website for.

2) Use a color scheme

Using a color scheme throughout your website gives it a more professional look. A website should be limited to 3 - 4 main colors. Weather this be hyperlinks, text color, background or simply to tie in with your logo. It can also help people to recognize your brand by using these colors on your social media pages and business cards.

3) Use a mobile site or a responsive design

Websites that are mobile friendly will really benefit your visitors in the long run. It can be a nightmare to support all the different screen sizes to cater for all visitors but it makes your website look more professional on mobile devices. but most professional themes for CMS softwares (WordPress) will have responsive design built in to them.

4) Limit your fonts

The most common font to use on websites is Arial at size 12. With websites like Google Web Fonts, you can use a wide variety of fonts to match your design and brand of your site with just a short amount of code. I recommend not using hard to see fonts such as Impact or the dreaded Comic Sans.

5) Limit the information

Websites can look just as good with little information that your visitors need. Too much information and you visitors can feel bombarded with text. Use whitespace and make everything accessible from every page. Whether that's using footer links or a fixed header.

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