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09.10.2013 by Adele Cloete

With the very successful release of CS6 from Adobe in 2012, one can only wonder what Adobe will think of next. Everyone wondered what CS7 will look like and what new features the next generation Adobe Suite programs will carry. How much easier can it get to edit images or update a website with one to three clicks. Now Adobe sports the new Creative Cloud community where people share ideas, creatives posts on Behance and it is now even easier to post your designs with the Behance Portfolio app. Mobile apps are taking over and everything is available quickly and very conveniently.

Adobe has jumped onboard and managed to include a vast amount of new programs to assist us in designing for the mobile era. From the amazing Muse, to great new features in Photoshop CC, but has Adobe been open-minded with the online subscription route? There are a few obstacles like not everyone having a permanent internet connection. There are designers out there working 3G and even more remotely placed designers who has 2G coverage. How will they be affected now that Adobe has taken away the privilege of being able to design anywhere and anytime? Yes, when you read up you will see that with some of the Adobe programs you can work offline and that only once a month you can check in online for any updates to make sure you have the latest versions and bug fixes. What about those who don't have access to a fast and stable enough internet connection that will allow a 3 Gig software download? Will Adobe lose their clients or will those left behind be stuck with CS6 for the rest of their lives? These are all questions being asked and there are still a lot of speculations around migrating to CC. Let me clear it up for you.

What is the hype around Adobe Creative cloud about?

With the new Creative Cloud edition to the Adobe family, new exams from Adobe are being released. You can now qualify as an Adobe CC Expert and they are now sporting even more new and useful programs and add-ons that make your life as a designer even easier than it was. It's amazing. It's fresh and it is what we are moving towards. With great new programs and features, it's now even easier to design for web and mobile with ease and efficiency. Adobe CC still has the world's best desktop applications for photography, video, audio and design like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects Premiere Pro and now Muse and what makes it even better is the extras that's included like is Acrobat XI Pro, Adobe Audition, Bridge cc, Encore, Fireworks, Flash Builder Premium, InCopy, Lightroom, Prelude and SpeedGrade. All really great desktop applications installed on your PC or Mac and they STAY there, even after your subscription has expired. Not only that, Adobe now also has really great online tools and services you can use to create gorgeous mobile-ready content and apps in HTML, CSS and JavaScript like Edge Animate CC, Edge Code CC, Edge Inspect CC, Edge Reflow CC, Edge Web Fonts and PhoneGap Build, all nicely packaged and developed to make your mobile application design and development a whole lot easier. Other services on top of what you already get in this packages are Creative Cloud Desktop Access, Typekit, Story Plus, Digital Publishing Suite, Kuler, Behance, Web hosting and ProSite. These are all used for online file sharing, collaboration and publishing apps and websites.

Finally, the big draw for me, is Adobe Touch Apps which is also available in Creative Cloud. Photoshop Touch, Behance for iPhone, Kuler for iPhone, Creative Portfolio for iPhone and Ideas can all be downloaded to your smart device and quickly connects you to a world of creativity and assistance.

Luckily many of the new CC applications support CS6 and can be exported and edited in CS6. Adobe plans to keep this going. With great storage and cloud services, Adobe surely stepped up to the invite of going digital.

There are different packages to choose from that will fit your pocket best and Adobe has purchasing plans for teams, enterprise and education as well as desktop apps for government. Whichever one you choose, Adobe has a solution for you. Try it out and see for yourself why Adobe is still the best.

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