Create a cute snow cloud in Photoshop

12.24.2012 by Ilia Raiskin

In this quick and easy tutorial we will show you how to create a cute and tiny cloud in Photoshop without using external images or the path-tool.

Step 1

Create a new image with the dimensions 800 x 400 pixels and name it. Make sure you use white for the background-layer.

Step 2

Select the custom-shape-tool and use the shape we selected in the picture.


Step 3

Create a white shape similar to the one shown below. Use white as foreground-color (You won't see the shape until you add some styles).


Step 4

Add the following styles as shown in the screenshots below: Bevel & Emboss, Stroke, Inner Glow and Drop Shadow.

cutesnowcloud3 cutesnowcloud4 cutesnowcloud5 cutesnowcloud6

That's it. You're done!


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