Quick Tip: Get some extra followers on Twitter

01.06.2014 by Ilia Raiskin
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In this Quick-Tip I'll show you a quick and easy method to get some extra followers on your twitter account.

Let's start

The first thing you have to do is taking the topic of your Twitter account and finding some popular accounts with the same topic (for example Toolinfys topic is web design and development). It is important that those accounts have the same topic because the people following them are interested in that topic, thus in your topic.

The next thing we do is going to the follower-page of one of the popular accounts and then starting to follow some of the followers. Do this with all popular accounts you've selected.

Some of the people you've now started to follow will follow back. If your account has a good description some of them will get interested in your Twitter account and start to interact: retweeting, favoring etc. This will definitely make your account more popular!

Make sure not to spam this method, because Twitter has a follow limit. Also use this method in steps, so follow about 50 new people a day.

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Ilia Raiskin

Ilia Raiskin is a web designer, web developer, blogger and founder of Toolinfy.com.