Quick Tip: How to improve headphone sound in Google Play Music

08.04.2013 by Ilia Raiskin
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If you bought cheap headphones or you just think that the sound of your headphones isn't strong enough or doesn't have enough bass you can use the very helpful equalizer in Google Play Music to improve the sound.

The steps are pretty easy: First of all open the Google Play Music app on your Android phone/tablet. Tap the overflow Menu key (the three lines) at the top-right of the screen, or, if you're on a phone with old-style physical buttons, press your phone's physical Menu button and select Settings. Tap Equalizer. Select FX-Amplifier from the drop down menu. Set the Bass-Amplifier-switch to the center and the 3D-effect-switch a little bit more left. That's it - you're done!

Of course you can also reduce the Bass-Amplifier if you think that there's too much bass.

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