First events in jQuery

The click-event

Our examples in chapter 1 and 2 were very basic and easy. We can also change element-styles directly in a stylesheet. However, when we combine our previous examples with a click-event it gets more interesting. Our aim is to create a paragraph that changes its color when you click on it.

Instead of using a DOM-property, onlick, as we would do in JavaScript we use a jQuery-method named click(). Click() allows us to add a click-event-handler to any selected element. In the following example we add a click-event-handler to all paragraphs that have the class change-color. You can also see how easy it is to do this with jQuery.

HTML code

jQuery code (we assume that it's called script.js)


When the p is clicked the anonymous function takes action. These functions are called Callback-functions. $(this) refers to the selected paragraph.

Basic nesting of jQuery methods