We switched from our own comment system to "Disqus". Here's why.

02.08.2013 by Toolinfy


Over the past year, we used our own comment-system for our articles and tutorials. The problem is, our own comment-system isn't strict and secure enough for this website. In fact, we were getting a lot of spam. It started with tons of useless spam-links and texts without any sense... Of course, we added some anti-spam-link-protection, but it still wasn't enough. After that we were getting weird, extremely long comments with content that didn't have anything to do (yes, absolutely nothing) with our subjects, issues and tutorials. So, after comparing some interesting comment-systems we decided to switch from our own one to Disqus.

The UX/UI of Disqus is great and it includes a lot of great features that our own system never had. We hope that we can filter out more annoying spam comments.

You can help us too!

The Flagging System of Disqus allows our visitors to mark inappropriate and disturbing comments with a flag. If a comment is flagged by three visitors it will be deleted from the comment stream and we will be notified by Disqus about the source of the disturbing comment.