Terms and conditions for authors on Toolinfy

Ownership of content

We tried to keep everything as simple as possible, so that you don't have to read thousands of contract pages. If you have a problem with the following conditions please tell us what you would like change:

  • Your article must be your original work and not published elsewhere.

  • Your article mustn't be very similar to an article that already has been posted on toolinfy.com as we want to prevent duplicate content/information.

  • You are and will stay the official author so all your work will be published under your name

  • Your article will not be sold - Toolinfy is a free resource

  • Your article can be edited and formatted by us before posting. We will always try to change as few as possible.

  • You can ask us to delete/edit your article whenever you want.

Resources used in your articles

If you want to use third-party content in your articles you have to consider the following rules:

  • You can only use photos, fonts and snippets that you have a licence for.

  • We recommend using resources that are free for commercial use.

How to send us your article

  • First of all make sure to use a normal email program (not our contact form) to send us your article.

  • Your content can be a Word-file, a TXT-file or part of the email.

  • Also send us your short biography (2-5) sentences, a profile picture (200x200px) and links to your social accounts and your website (if you have one). We need this information to create author-info-boxes for your articles.

Payment & Sharing

Toolinfy is a free resource, so we usually don't pay for articles. However, we will share your article on all our social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, RSS & more). We also promote authors with extra tweets and author-info-boxes at the bottom of their articles. Your name is also mentioned at the top of your article(s). We appreciate any kind of help to grow our website - knowledge should be free.