Tips to get more fans and followers

10.05.2013 by Ilia Raiskin

In this walkthrough I'll show you how to get more fans and followers for your social media accounts.

Get to know your social network

First of all, read all instructions that your social network provides carefully. It's important that you know how your account works and what you can do with it.

Select the right networks

There are basic social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Make sure that you have accounts on these networks. Inform yourself about other networks. It makes sense to pick one more network that fits to your company's topic.

Find followers

Don't always wait for people to find your account. Sometimes you have to find your followers. Go to accounts in your social network that are similar to yours and follow their followers. Lots of them will follow back. Some of them will be interested in your company/business and share your account/website, which will definitely help your company to grow and become well-known.

Be original

Try to upload different posts. Switch between links, texts, images and videos. If some of your followers like your posts, they will re-share them, which means that more people will find your account.

Be up-to-date

Post regularly. If your accounts are inactive you'll lose followers quickly.

Be human and interact

Like, re-share and comment on other peoples posts. Reply to comments, be fair and kind. Your followers will notice that and start to interact more with you.

Connect your website and your accounts

Tell people on one social network about your accounts on other social networks. Also add links to your accounts on your website, your business cards and co.

Stay patient

The process of getting fans and followers isn't always fast and easy. Be patient and continue to post and interact.

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