Quick Tip: Better font smoothing in Firefox for Windows

07.22.2013 by Ilia Raiskin
Windows Typography Quick

You may have noticed that Microsofts Cleartype font rendering lets lots of web fonts look really bad. In this Quick Tip we're going to show you how to add better font smoothing to Firefox. We also have a quick tip like this for Safari. Enable better font smoothing in Safari for Windows.

Step 1

Download and Insall Anti-Aliasing Tuner plugin.

Step 2

Navigate to Firefox > Add-ons > Extensions.

Step 3

Find your Anti-aliasing tuner plugin and click on options

Step 4

Set Anti-aliasing Mode to Default and set Rendering Mode to Outline. Click Apply.

You're done!

Now you will have great font smoothing in Firefox! You may have to restart Firefox to see the full effect.

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